I’ve come a long way from the child who would gleefully use dandelion pollen for eye shadow (mulberry juice for lipstick, lilac and lily flowers for perfume, etc…); the curiosity spark for what I once termed “faerie make-up” (and passions for alchemy and chemistry) remained, simmering, for decades. 
It was in April 2006 that the epiphany emerged from its chrysalis and finally took flight: what a positive and whimsical endeavor it would be to recreate these types of natural products that everyone can use – and afford to use. 
My greatest sources of happiness come from not only creating the products for all to enjoy, but in being introduced to new customers (and friends) worldwide through the creations, and knowing the creations help bring a smile or two to someone’s day… 
More can be learned about Body Eclectic Skin Care and her awesome new scents at her website or come check her out every Saturday morning.


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