Growing Places Indy Welcomes Three New Board Members!

Growing Places Indy is excited to announce three new board members: Candace Boyd Wylie, Charlie Redd, and Tonya Sisco.

“Our board members are a dynamic group of individuals who are committed to building a more equitable food system,” said Executive Director Victoria Beaty, “We’re excited to welcome these dedicated individuals and community leaders to help grow as we move into the next phase of the organization.”

Candace Boyd Wylie

Food Creative, Board Member

About Candace

 Candace Boyd Wylie is the Chief Foodie & spice slanger at FoodLoveTog. FoodLoveTog launched as a blog in 2013, and Candace has been cooking up goodness ever since. Through this venture, she shares recipes, cooking tips, handcrafts a well-loved spice line, works with children and families in food education, and hosts foodie-focused events. Her blog has won numerous awards and media placements. Her spices are used in two of the hottest restaurants in town—Chef Oya’s The Trap & The Missing Brick. She can also be seen hanging out with the cool kids at Indy Style on WISH-TV.

How did you learn about Growing Places Indy? What made you want to get involved?

I learned about Growing Places Indy through my connections in Indy Women in Food and when Victoria sat on a panel about Indy Women in the Food Industry.

What GPI initiative is most exciting to you?

I am most excited about the farmers market program. I grew up going to farmers markets weekly, so I’m excited to see the expansion and how underserved areas in our community can benefit the most.

Do you have any personal experience with food or farming?

My personal experience with food is my life! I grew up in the kitchen; I grew up with a family that knew gardens and knew the farm life. Food is the fabric of my life. It’s taken me farther than I could have ever imagined. I always say that food is my ministry; it’s how I love in action.

Charlie Redd

Owner + Creative Director of Haven Yoga Studio

About Charlie 

I’m an entrepreneur, mentor, community organizer, and healer. My passion for social justice and mission to create spaces where people from marginalized groups can show up as their whole selves are at the core of everything I do. My work addresses the barriers that keep people out of the wellness spaces, teaches individuals how to advocate for themselves, and brings wellness practices into organizations and communities.

How did you learn about Growing Places Indy? What made you want to get involved? 

I used to work at the Boner Fitness & Learning Center (formally Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center). I had the privilege of getting an up-close view of how passionate they were about educating folx about fresh food and farming. 

What GPI initiative is most exciting to you?

 I’m most excited about the educational programs. There’s something really beautiful about giving people an opportunity to get hands-on in growing the food that they eat. 

Do you have any personal experience with food or farming? 

I started my first garden in my Granny’s backyard when I was in elementary school. I was a part of the 2016 cohort of the Growing Places Indy Apprenticeship program, where I spent a whole summer getting my hands dirty, in the most awesome way, growing produce for the farm stand and local restaurants. Sheltering in place for COVID-19 had me itching to be in the fresh air and sunshine, so I ventured into container gardening on my patio this spring.

Tonya Sisco

Project Director – External Diversity Initiatives at Cummins

About Tonya

Tonya Sisco serves as the Project Director of External Diversity Initiatives. This is the first step forward in Cummins’ intent to take a leading role in creating systematic change in the Black community where Cummins operates. Tonya grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She also serves as a board member for the Boys and Girls Club. Tonya enjoys traveling, indoor rock climbing, spending time with her family, and trying new recipes.

How did you learn about Growing Places Indy?

I met Laura Henderson at a barbecue where she shared an opportunity to get involved in the city. I quickly bought into the mission and vision of the organization.

What made you want to get involved?

The impact the apprenticeship program had on the participants.

What GPI initiative is most exciting to you?

I enjoy every aspect of GPI. However, if I have to choose one thing, it would have to be the CSA Program. I loved getting vegetables to try each week. Through GPI, I experienced my first husk cherry and kohlrabi.

Do you have any personal experience with food or farming?

Growing up, my mom and grandmother always had a small garden. This year I embarked on starting my first container garden with my mom’s help. I was able to grow mint (I killed it in previous years), two varieties of basil, aloe, and rosemary successfully. I will try tomatoes and peppers again next year.