Learn about the wonders of nature & urban life-cycles!

No matter the specific focus, our workshops always center around farm activities – from planting seeds, amending soil, pruning, harvesting and tasting produce with an attention placed on using our senses to experience the beauty, abundance, and life-cycles of the farm.

Current Offerings

Kids on the Farm/Summer Camp

The summer camps teach practical tools for gardening, healthy eating, and mindfulness. Near-east side students spend time on the farm every summer through partnership with the Boner Center. Students, grades 2nd-9th, who are enrolled in summer camp including Boneroo and EDGE camps, join GPI for fun lessons on the farm. Students are encouraged to explore, create, and try new things through outdoor art projects, mindfulness practices, cooking, and hands-on farm activities like harvest and seed planting. The goal of the summer camp programs is to provide time and space for students to connect through fun and learning with their outdoor environment, their food, and natural life cycles.

Public Workshops

Growing Places Indy regularly hosts workshops available to the public, such as Walking and Tasting on the farm, Tomatoes 101, Mindful Eating or other garden, cooking, or mind-body education topics. This is a great chance for the public to learn directly from our experienced team of farmers and to ask questions openly.

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