Updates – Mayor’s Visit, Corn Syrup Awareness & More

A quick note that I was notified this evening that the time of Mayor’s visit has been changed to 10 a.m. He will explore the market for about 45 minutes. So, if you were hoping to be there to see the Mayor, you’ll need to come an hour earlier than originally announced.

Corn Syrup Awareness Week Two

We are now two weeks from the initial challenge to become more aware of how much corn syrup you consume, and how completely you can/choose to avoid it. IWFM vendors Leanne and Jeananne, makers of the delightful artisan Black Bird Pies, wanted to share some tips for tastier, more natural alternatives to corn syrup for pies and baking. I’m delighted to pass their tips on to you.
As pie makers, we often come across recipes that sound delicious but they contain corn syrup or karo syrup. Here are a few alternatives:

brown rice syrup
maple syrup
barley malt syrup

We have used maple syrup as a 1to1 direct substitute for corn syrup. The others have a stronger flavor so you may want to mix them such as:

1 cup corn syrup=3/4 brown rice & 1/4 molasses or barley malt

Experiment – not only is it better for you, it tastes better.

How about Popcorn balls made with maple syrup?

~ Leanne & Jeananne – BlackBird Pies

Be our Market Valentine

We have some great Market Valentine goodies to give away from market vendors, local restaurants, and local shops. Throughout the day on Saturday, we will be giving away gift certificates and gifts for you to enjoy as Our Market Valentine, or to give-forward to your favorite Valentine. All you have to do is make it to the market to pick up your weekly local food needs, and you might find yourself the recipient of a Market Valentine!

New Web Site of Resources for Living Green and Going Local

Check it out! www.indytilth.org This brand new, just went live this week web site is the creation of IWFM frequent shopper Sarah Wiehe. The Indy Tilth site offers an amazing collection of information and resources: upcoming events, a page of “how to” resources, a page of local resources, additional links of interest, and more. Great work Sarah! I believe I can speak on behalf of the IWFM community in offering Sarah a huge “Thank you!” for all the time, energy and dedication she put into creating this wonderful community resource. There is also the opportunity for you to add relevant events and other resources to the lists. Find out how at www.indytilth.org!


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