Still need to order a Thanksgiving Turkey?

IWFM farmers Mandy and Matt Corry of Schacht Farm in Bloomington have the bird(s) for you.

3 month old turkey on pasture

How they raise the birds…
The day old poults (baby turkeys) arrive in July, spending the summer and fall months foraging on lush pastures after a short stay in the brooder (poultry nursery). They are provided with shelter from the sun, wind and rain. The turkeys receive around 70% of their diet from forage, making for a more healthy bird both to raise and to eat. The remainder of their diet comes from local grains with organic supplements. The turkeys weigh between 16-22 lbs.

Turkeys may be ordered here where you can download an order form to mail to Schacht Farm along with a $25 deposit per bird. The Schacht Farm will deliver turkeys to the market one day only, so in addition to your Thanksgiving turkey, you can order enough to satisfy your family for the year. The turkeys will be sold fresh and will be available for pick up at the IWFM on Saturday Nov. 21st.


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