RecycleForce Curbside Pickup this Saturday!

April 14, 9:00a-12p

RecycleForce provides the recyclable materials collection bins at IWFM, and collects used electronics for recycling once a month during the IWFM season. This is their final week at IWFM, so remember to bring your recyclables to the market this week!

Items accepted on Saturday, April 14:

*A $5.00 donation is requested for all CRT Televisions, monitors, and refridgeratives.

– Broken holiday lights, Books, Bicycles and Bicycle accessories, Telephone systems, Cardboard, Cellular phones, Televisions, PC’s (personal computers), Styrofoam, Laptops/Notebooks, Integrated Circuits (IC), Desktop Computers/CPU’s, Computer mice, CRT Monitor’s (no bare CRT tubes), Microphones, Mainframe computers, Laserdisc Players, Scanners, Computer Keyboards, Printers, VCR/DVD/CD Players, Fax machines Games Systems, Xbox, DS, Sony, Etc., Back-up power supplies systems, Power Supplies, Photocopiers, Surge Protectors, Toner cartridges, Palm Pilots/PDA’s, Microwaves, Motors, CD’s/DVD’s/Blue Ray’s/Floppy disks/Thumb Drive’s, Computer boards, Electronic wiring, Copiers, Power cables, Cash Registers, Electronic motors, Satellite Components, Metals – Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Nickel., Batteries, Cardboard, Phonebooks
– Plastics 1-7, Copy paper, (No carbon paper), Glass, (Amber, Green, Clear only), Styrofoam, (No dirty containers)


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