Pop tarts ain’t got nothin on these. (Delicious fruit tarts)

Working this year’s market has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Part of that being a learning process about the food I have been putting into my body. Being an amateur competitive boxer, I burn a lot
of calories. Which means I eat A LOT of food.

Most of the time that food is whatever I can get my hands on and anything that’s “quick.” One of those quick foods for the past three weeks has been frosted strawberry pop tarts, which in my opinion, are the best.

Being at the market every Saturday, there was one particular item that caught my attention, Rene’s fruit tarts.

I bought one, and immediately I wanted everyone I knew to try a bite of this delicious miniature pie of fruit.

The perfect combination of fresh kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges surrounded by delicious slivered almonds all on top of a bed of pastry cream and all held together by a perfectly crumbly tart crust.

Not only did this pastry satisfy every taste bud in my mouth, it was also easy on the eyes with its combination of colors. My strawberry frosted pop tart will never be able to satisfy my pallet again.

I highly recommend trying one if you haven’t, unless you hate fruit, then I don’t recommend it.

Rene’s is located in Broad Ripple behind La Piedad.



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