Meet Dickinson Custom Furniture

I love wood because it is a natural material with wonderful depth, texture, and color that comes from trees which can be just as inspiring as the wood.  No two trees are exactly alike and it is always interesting and gratifying to discover nature’s wonder in each tree’s wood. Our state tree, Tulip Poplar, in particular has wide variation even within individual trees.  It can be many shades of green, blue, black, purple, red, or white. I love making kitchenware because it is practical and my work can get real use while being an attractive addition to any kitchen. 
I am passionate about what I do for two reasons. One, I love working with my hands and creating things from scratch and am especially inspired by wood. Secondly I believe in local economies.  I believe that locally made goods should be available, quality made or grown, and affordable.   
I enjoy the atmosphere of the market.  I also enjoy the variety and quality of the goods available and the fact that it is in the winter. 
I got into woodworking making wooden swords in middle school for me and my friends to whack each other with.  I got into making kitchenware using scraps from furniture projects and really got into kitchenware after being invited to IWFM 4 years ago by Laura Henderson and seeing success at the market.
Many people find it interesting that much of my wood comes from storm damaged trees or trees removed by arborists and is cut on my sawmill.
-The Dickinson Family 


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