IWFM Season Three – Grow well. Eat well. Live well.

We are delighted last Saturday, November 13th, began the third season of the Indy Winter Farmers Market. It was a great success for our participating farmers and producers. We look forward to having you join us again in support of our family farms and local food artisans and producers.

Our primary goal is to provide a quality marketplace that connects farmers and producers directly with customers, and customers directly with farmers and producers. In that way, consumers become co-producers, directly supporting the local economy. As a co-producer, you are on a journey to understand where your food comes from, exactly what it is you are consuming, and the impact of how you choose to spend our food dollars.

In addition to a quality market, we seek to connect the IWFM community – that’s you – with additional opportunities for learning about, exploring and understanding local food systems. We believe food is elemental to Health as well as to Pleasure. We also believe food is elemental in defining Place as well as the Spirit of a community.

This market was founded on the principles of Slow Food – Good, Clean, Fair food for everyone. We still have work to do to fully realize this ideal, but we actively working toward it. We invite you to be part of the movement each week as you shop the IWFM, read our e-newsletter, and connect to other events and activities in our community.


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