Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendor: Full Hand Farm

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we’ll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Full Hand Farm, 3rd season at IWFM 
Located on 25 acres of new ground in 2014, in Perkinsville, we produce sustainably raised, diversified mixed vegetables and herbs year round.  
Most popular item?
Our winter carrots and winter spinach. Both crops are incredibly sweet this time of year because they each convert their inherent starches into sugars every time they go through a freeze, and that means this year we have some especially sweet carrots and spinach!  
Why should people shop at the IWFM?
I always encourage people to shop at the market for two reasons: It’s the best food in the city, and it’s the best Saturday morning atmosphere in the city! 
What do you buy at the IWFM?
We do lots of our shopping at the market, including honey from Wildflower Ridge, bread from Amelia’s, cheese from Ludwig and root crops we don’t grow ourselves from Stout’s Melody acres.


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