Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendor: Brotgarten

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we’ll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Brotgarten, 5th season at IWFM  
Brotgarten specializes in German artisan breads and pastries. Time is our greatest investment in order to develop a superior flavor and texture. Our loaves might have an uniquely irregular shape, but they are the product of our passion for one of the world’s most traditional crafts!
Most popular item?
Vital bread! German sourdough bread with fresh carrots, pumpkin seeds, golden/brown flax seed and oats. This bread was created to please the eyes and the palate, and the ingredients were chosen taking in consideration its health benefits.
Why should people shop at the IWFM?
The best way to purchase the freshest product full of health benefits and great taste/flavor is to get them directly from the producer/grower. Shopping at the farmers market and getting to know the vendors/producers/farmers is the best way to get to know who is behind the food you are bringing to your table. It is the secret of eating well and being well!
What do you buy at the IWFM?
Vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses, honey, olive oil, tea leaves, ready-to-eat foods and ice cream, kitchen tools and flowers.
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