Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendor: Amelia’s

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we’ll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Amelia’s, 2nd season at IWFM  
Located at 653 Virginia Ave. in the Fletcher Place/Holy Rosary neighborhood, we are a production bakery that specializes in bread baked on a stone hearth in the European tradition. Our bread is leavened with a sourdough starter, and we allow the dough to ferment at a cool temperature overnight to enhance the flavor. This process takes more time, 18-24 hours from mixing to baking, but we believe it really makes better bread.
Most popular item?
The Focaccia or the City Loaf are probably our best-selling items. We recently started making sourdough scones, which have been very popular.
Why should people shop at the IWFM?
Buying local is much more interesting. Whatever is important to you about the products you purchase, you can find out easily and directly.
What do you buy at the IWFM?
We buy meat, eggs, produce and honey.

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