In case you are wondering, we will be open this Saturday, January 10th, so put on your snow boots if need be, and come on over for some warming winter goodness at the market!

This week there will be some great new and returning products to check out. Traders Point Creamery will be back with their array of milk, yogurts, cheeses and spreads. Market favorites including Capriole Goat Cheese, BlackBird Pies, Endangered Species Chocolate, Flower Child Aromatherapy, Daina’s Petite Pies, and Valentine Hill Farm will all be back this week after a week or two away. Rumor has it that Heartland Family Farm will be bringing frozen strawberries and blueberries this week – yes, frozen fresh from their fields this summer! Don’t miss out. They are sure to go fast!

The following wonderful new producers will be joining us as well.

Wildflower Ridge Honey – You have been asking for honey, and we have been working hard to find another Master Beekeeper to bring true Indiana honey to market. Many thanks to New Day Meadery for suggesting Wildflower Ridge Honey. Wildflower Ridge provides the fabulous honey used to make New Day Meadery’s magnificent mead. With hives in Madison and Hamilton counties, this honey comes from close enough to home to give you all the wonderful health benefits that local honey has to offer. Stop by Saturday to find out more!

Joseph – The restaurant, inn and heritage farm in Roanoke, IN will be bringing the restaurants signature soups and gumbos to market. The product is sold frozen for you enjoy at home.

BW Bags, Paper or – Neither paper or plastic are an option from BW. BW makes his bags himself, and he designs the funny, sometimes provocative quips that he stiches onto each bag. You have got to stop by and meet BW this week. You have never met a bag maker like him! He will also do customized bags and group orders. Check out BW’s Top Ten reasons to buy one of his canvas shopping bag (this is your introduction to BW’s sharp humor!):
1. You’re being forced to by the city or state, or your pretentious friends

2. That hottie you see at the store carries one and you want a date (same reason you bought the puppy)

3. You want that nickel the grocery store refunds when you bring it in

4. You’re tired of the ‘green’ thing being crammed down your throat, and you’ve decided to give in

5. You want your bag to be better than your neighbor’s

6. You’re not ‘green’, you just have class

7. You don’t know what to do with all those plastic bags. (check out our ‘Bag Management’ products)

8. You forgot someone’s birthday, and you need a gift FAST

9. You’re a closet bag collector

10. You really are ‘green’, and your other bag is worn out

Remember, this week starts the Frequent Shopper Challenge. Stop in to pick up your card and get your first hole punched! We are also still accepting IWFM logo designs for the competition. More information on both below in last week’s post.

We look forward to seeing you at market this week!


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