1st Raffle Green Travel & Green Trivia Winners!

Last week was the fourth week and thus time for the first Green Travel and Green Trivia Raffle Drawings. And the winners are…

Congratulations to Kelly B., who won the GREEN TRAVEL MONTHLY RAFFLE (and a gift certificate to Comedy Sportz). Many thanks to Kelly and all of the other dedicated individuals who either rode their bike, walked, carpooled, or took public transportation to reach the Market. The founders and staff at the IWFM (and we’re sure many of you) feel that the Market is more than just a way to connect consumers to local farmers and fresh food – we also hope to create a community based on conscious living that supports individuals, businesses, the greater Indianapolis community, the environment, and ultimately the globe in more sustainable and peaceful living. Encouraging and participating in Green Travel is just one of many ways to accomplish this.

The monthly raffle starts over this Saturday and with it your chances of winning. The next raffle prize is a five class package to Cityoga (located in the former IWFM home at 2442 N. Central Ave.) So bundle up and keep visiting us by foot, pedal or public transport and remember to enter your name and contact information at the Market Information Table when you travel without your car!

So, bundle up for the colder weather

Congratulations to Nicholas, the winner of GreenPieceIndy’s GREEN TRIVIA MONTHLY RAFFLE, who correctly guessed the Green Tip. He won a reusable bag and a Green Savings Indy coupon book. The raffle starts over this Saturday, so be sure to check out the 1st clue of the 2nd series and submit your guess on the wall outside of the restroom. Thanks to Renee at GreenPieceIndy for all of her hard work and dedication to educating us on sustainable living!

1st Series Clues & Tip:

Clue #1) There are 6 lbs. of these for every 1 lb. of fish in some parts of the ocean.

Clue #2) The oil to make 14 of these could power one car for one mile.

Clue #3) In the US we use approximately 380 billion of these in one year.

Answer: Plastic bags

The Green Tip? Bring a reusable shopping bag.



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