We’re looking for a Market Manager to join our team!

Since 2008, the Indy Winter Farmers Market (IWFM) has provided a venue for Indiana’s sustainably-minded family farms and food producers to sell products throughout the fall and winter, improving the community’s year-round access to local food. The IWFM accepts SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Hoosier Works) and offers two matching double-up programs: Fresh Bucks for fruits and vegetables and the Eat Well Initiative for all other SNAP-eligible items. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between the community, local farmers, and food producers.

The IWFM is a program of Growing Places Indy (GPI), a nonprofit organization that has been committed to cultivating individual, family and community wellness through urban agriculture, access to fresh local food, and mind-body education for more than a decade. For the 2023 IWFM season, GPI aims to introduce new initiatives that support the success of the IWFM for vendors and customers by providing more opportunities to grow community together. We are seeking a Market Manager who has a vision for employing the IWFM as a platform for nurturing connection and nourishing community in ways that yield wellbeing for all, in particular systemically marginalized communities that face systemic barriers to wellbeing.

The IWFM Market Manager will have experience working across diverse communities, demonstrated success with relationship building that results in people seeing each other’s humanity and value, and practice stewarding spaces and experiences that disrupt normalized dynamics of exclusion to make possible welcoming and belonging.

IWFM Market Manager, salaried

Job Description:

The IWFM Market Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations, management, and growth of the farmers market. The position is multi-faceted and the successful candidate will be experienced in complex project management, and the ability to apply or adapt skills and approach to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. Ability to independently manage multiple projects simultaneously, set and maintain timelines, plan ahead and adapt skillfully to unexpected circumstances, and navigate through conflict toward connection rather than control is essential. This role involves collaborating with GPI leadership, board and staff, coordinating vendors, engaging with the local community, ensuring a positive experience for vendors and customers, and maintaining the overall success of the market.  The IWFM Market Manager plays a crucial role in supporting local agriculture, fostering community connections, and promoting sustainable practices as they relate to food justice, environmental justice, economic justice and human wellbeing.


  • Vendor Management:
    • Recruit, approve, and manage vendors for the IWFM year round, including attending other area markets to recruit vendors.
    • Maintain vendor relationships and communicate IWFM policies and guidelines.
    • Coordinate vendor setup and breakdown, ensuring a smooth flow of operations.
  • Event Planning, Execution and Communication:
    • Organize and plan IWFM events, activities, and special promotions to attract visitors.
    • Collaborate with vendors to create engaging and educational experiences for customers.
    • Manage communication, logistics, permits, and scheduling for the IWFM with the AMP/16 Tech team, city officials, vendors and program providers.
    • Regularly check and respond to the IWFM Market Manager email.
    • Participate in GPI staff meetings and one to ones with leadership and provide monthly IWFM updates/reports to the GPI Board of Directors.
  • Customer Engagement:
    • Foster positive relationships with IWFM customers, addressing inquiries and concerns.
    • Implement strategies to enhance customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.
    • Gather feedback from customers to improve IWFM offerings and operations.
  • Community Outreach and Promotion:
    • Collaborate with local organizations, neighborhood associations, businesses, and government agencies to promote the IWFM year round.
    • Participate in relevant local food and community groups to build relationships and partnerships. 
    • Develop and deliver presentations on the IWFM to a variety of audiences and stakeholder groups, including schools, professional associations, neighborhood groups and more.
    • Develop and execute marketing strategies and engaging programming to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
    • Utilize social media, newsletters, and other channels to communicate the stories of the IWFM, its community and impact, as well as market updates and offerings.
  • SNAP at the IWFM:
    • Manage SNAP transactions and token distribution with IWFM customers.
    • Manage SNAP token collection and reimbursement with IWFM vendors.
    • Manage Fresh Bucks implementation at the IWFM with the Fresh Bucks program.
    • Promote and grow the IWFM SNAP Matching program outreach and usage. 
    • Track SNAP transaction and reimbursement data and compile monthly and end of season reports.
  • Financial Management:
    • Collect vendor fees, manage market finances, and maintain accurate records.
    • Prepare financial reports and budgets for IWFM operations.
    • Seek opportunities to increase revenue and manage expenses effectively.
  • Fundraising:
    • Collaborate with GPI leadership and the board of directors to identify, recruit and maintain relationships with IWFM sponsors.
    • Manage fulfillment of sponsor benefits based on sponsorship levels, including social media, e-newsletter and local media spots.
    • Manage collection, recording and depositing of funds raised from donation based programs at the IWFM.
    • Manage an IWFM giving campaign, in collaboration with GPI leadership and the board of directors. 
  • Compliance and Regulations:
    • Ensure compliance with local health, safety, and food regulations.
    • Stay updated on relevant laws and regulations affecting farmers markets, including attending relevant seminars, workshops, information sessions and trainings (in-person and/or virtually)
    • Assist vendors in adhering to necessary permits and regulations.
  • Site Management:
    • Coordinate with designated points of contact on the AMP and 16 Tech teams to ensure proper setup/clean up, usage of the market space, storage, etc.
    • Manage layout and organization of market stalls in communication with AMP staff to optimize customer flow.
  • Volunteers & Programming:
    • Recruit and train volunteers to assist on IWFM market days. Volunteers may assist vendors in set-up and clean-up, assist at the IWFM info table, greet and assist customers, assist with setting up and/or delivering programming.
    • Manage scheduling, partner communication and promotion of IWFM on-site programs, such as:
      • Weekly Mind-Body Movement Classes 
      • Weekly Walking/Running Group Meet-Up
      • Weekly Spanish/English Conversation Group
      • Weekly Reading Zone and Little Free Library
      • Weekly Music/Entertainment programming on the AMP stage
      • Monthly environment/garden/sustainability programming for educators and families
  • Sustainability and Environmental Practices:
    • Promote sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly practices among vendors.
    • Coordinate with AMP/16 Tech and other partners to implement waste reduction, compost and recycling initiatives at the IWFM.
  • Data Collection and Analysis:
    • Gather data on market attendance, vendor sales, and customer preferences.
    • Work with GPI leadership and board to analyze data to identify trends and make informed decisions for market improvements.


  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Experience in event planning, customer service, and community engagement.
  • Knowledge of the downtown Indianapolis neighborhoods and communities, especially the Near Northwest and Near Westside areas. 
  • Knowledge of local agriculture, food systems, and sustainable practices.
  • Ability to work independently and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.
  • Proficiency in Google Suite and social media platforms.
  • Flexibility to work Saturdays 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. November through April, and extended hours during market events.
  • Bilingual/Multilingualism (especially Spanish-speaking) is not required, but would be an asset to the IWFM community

The IWFM Market Manager role requires a dynamic individual who can effectively balance the needs of vendors, customers, and the community. This position presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to food and environmental justice, community building and wellbeing.

The IWFM is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., running November through April, at the AMP at 16 Tech, 1220 Waterway Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202.


  • Compensation commensurate with experience.
  • GPI offers flexible time off and a nurturing work environment.
  • The position works remotely on a flexible schedule, except for the operation of the IWFM on Saturdays through the market season.

To Apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to laura@growingplacesindy.org by Sept. 20, 2023.