MEALS ON TRACTOR WHEELS: Vietnamese Eggroll Bar

Those of you (sadly) not familiar with our Growing Places Indy Winter Farmers Market may not realize that in addition to farm-fresh meats, dairy, and produce and unique local makers goods, there are also many options for prepared foods. We also have live music, a sitting area to eat and chill (no, we’re warm inside), and Maddy’s Smile, the go-to place for youngsters to play and craft.

Why not head over on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to browse, taste, learn, munch, and relax? We’re a great place to bring out-of-town guests for a little taste of Indy!

Today we wanted to bring something home, already prepared, something that we wouldn’t usually make ourselves. So we picked up a 6-pack of Vietnamese eggrolls from the Vietnamese Eggroll Bar. You’ll see from the continuous stream of customers that many are familiar with this family-owned, food-loving small business. And it’s hard to ignore the tempting aroma that crafts through the market.

For an easy to put together supper, we found some suitable items typically available in our kitchen cupboards. Rice, in its many varieties, was where we started. @World Market in Carmel has a marvelous array of foods, spices, condiments, wines, and goodies from around the globe, and one favorite is the organic, seasoned pouched rice. A poached egg always sits well on top of rice (a few drops of vinegar in the boiling water will help to hold the egg together) and adds protein. For flavor and texture, shredded carrots, diced green onion, unsalted peanuts, tofu, thin sev, or rice noodles can be added in any combination. A dash of soy sauce, a drizzle of Yum Yum sauce, and you have a simple, healthful, and tasty meal. But don’t forget those delectable eggrolls. Reheat the room temperature dim sum at 350° for about 10-15 minutes. The Eggroll Bar will send you home with plenty of dipping sauce, and the eggrolls can also be purchased frozen.


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