Meals on Tractor Wheels: Challah & Duck Egg French Toast Omelette

There’s something a bit naughty and a whole lot nice about having breakfast for dinner – especially on a snowy evening wearing cozy PJs. Try making this Challah & Duck Egg French Toast Omelette with a side of crisp bacon on Christmas morning


• Loaf of golden Egg Challah bread from The True Artisan Baker 
• Duck Eggs from Beyond Organic 
• Pure Maple Cream from Maplewood Farms
• Cultured Butter from Tulip Tree
• Tomato Catsup from Batch No. 2
• Pound of bacon from Beyond Organic
• Cinnamon, nutmeg, and 2 tbsp. heavy cream (or almond milk)

P.S. Side-by-side artisan makers at our market is The True Artisan Baker and his wife who specializes in healthy, natural skincare products under her Seduisance Skincare name. Wonderful products!


1. Get cozy in your PJs and start cooking the bacon in a skillet on medium low. Turn the slices every 10 minutes or so and move them around to achieve an even crisping. 

2. Take the Pure Maple Cream and the Cultured Butter from the fridge to soften. 

3. When the bacon is getting close to ready, thin slice the Egg Challah.

4. In a separate wide bowl, break 1 duck egg per slice of bread. We added some cinnamon and nutmeg for a winter spicy aromatic warmth and about 2 tbsp of heavy cream, milk or almond milk. Whisk until a bit bubbly. 

5. Generously butter a fry pan and place on medium low heat to melt. Once the butter has melted, dip the Challah slices in the egg mixture, flipping so fully coated and place in fry pan. Hold the remaining egg mixture aside. After about 10 minutes, the bottom side should have a lovely golden crisp. 

6. Flip the French toast slices and pour the remaining duck mixtures around the sides and between the bread slices. Once the egg mixture is firm around the edges, divide the Challah & Duck Egg French Toast Omelette in 2 or 4 parts and flip again.

By now the bacon should have a lovely crisp. Bach No. 2 tomato catsup is a perfect pairing.

Plate the Challah & Duck Egg French Toast Omelettes and top immediately with a generous scoop of Tulip Tree’s Cultured Butter and Maplewood Farms’ Pure Maple Cream. Add that side of bacon and catsup and you’re GOOD TO GO!


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