Tune In to These Black-Hosted Podcasts Focused On Food, Farming, & Food Justice

According to the Alliance to End Hunger, people of color are disproportionately surrounded by food deserts. This lack of access to nutritious foods can result in disease and poor health, ultimately shortening life spans. 

Race and food justice are inextricably linked. In the midst of both a pandemic and a national racial justice movement, it is more important than ever to listen to Black voices and work to ensure food justice in our country. Do your part this week by checking out these Black-hosted podcasts focused on food, farming, and food justice. 

Edible Activist Podcast 

Edible Activist describes itself as “a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories, and perspectives that stem from the land.” The podcast is hosted by Melissa L. Jones, the creator of FoodTalksNColor, a storytelling platform that creates space for black people and people of color to share food narratives that stem from the land. Melissa interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way. 

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The Afro Beets Podcast 

The Afro Beets podcast is your source for garden-to-table content inspired by culture and soul. Host Chris Riddick uses food as a tool to explore the African diaspora and provides knowledge on plants that allows listeners to engage with gardening, farming, and food in a meaningful way. Chris’s episodes span a variety of topics, including life as a Black vegan, wellness, and gardening and farming tips. 

Check out the podcast’s Instagram and TikTok.

Item 13 

Item 13 is a podcast focused on all things African food! Every other week, host Yorm Tagoe delves into the world of African food chefs, curators, and bloggers. Interviews with African food entrepreneurs cover new African cuisine, customer experiences, the role of social media in promoting African food, and much, much more. Yorm is the founder of esSense 13, a platform dedicated to raising the profile of African food globally through interactive online and offline experiences.

You can connect with Item 13 on their website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Afros + Knives Podcast 

Host Tiffani Rozier spent the last twelve years cooking professionally and now shares her knowledge both in her podcast and on her website, Afros and Knives. The podcast is a culinary, culture, and lifestyle show that hosts conversations with black women who work, lead, and create in the food, wine, and hospitality industries. You’ll hear conversations with chefs, wine educators and influencers, and leaders in luxury hospitality, as well as personal stories that come out of the expansive world of being a Black woman.

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Brown Vegan Podcast 

The Brown Vegan Podcast offers practical tips to start & keep going with a vegan journey, wellness, and vegan entrepreneurship. Host Monique Koch began her own journey into veganism in 2010, and now she and her guests discuss a variety of topics related to veganism, food, wellness, and so much more. And if over 100 podcast episodes aren’t enough, you can head to Monique’s website for even more, including recipes and tips on living vegan. 

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The Food Truck Scholar Podcast 

The Food Truck Scholar Podcast is a weekly discussion about all things in the food truck industry. Host Ariel D. Smith M.Ed, is a Ph.D. student studying the food truck movement in the United States. In each episode, she discusses topics like food truck civic engagement and activism, ordinances and restrictions, as well as cultural and economic implications of the food truck industry with food truck owners. Importantly, Ariel’s research centers on Black-owned food trucks and their contributions to community empowerment and economic development in Black communities.

Learn more about the Food Truck Scholar on their website, or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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