Mayor Hogsett, IndyGo, and Growing Places Indy launch ‘Food in Transit’ program at Julia M. Carson Transit Center

INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Mayor Joe Hogsett, Scarlett Andrews, IndyGo President & CEO Inez Evans, and Growing Places Indy Executive Director Victoria Beaty kicked off the fifth year of “Food in Transit” at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center. 

“Every Tuesday this summer, ‘Food in Transit’ will set up at the Carson Transit Center to bring much-needed access to affordable and local produce for residents on the move across Indianapolis,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “It’s up to civic partnerships, like ‘Food in Transit’, to meet residents where they are and broaden food resources in Indianapolis.” 

Combating food insecurity remains a high priority of the Hogsett Administration. According to a 2020 Indy Hunger Network study, more than 25% of Marion County residents struggle to put meals on their tables. Seven percent of households miss meals in any given week, and 60% of those are missing five meals or more weekly. “Food in Transit” is made possible by $15,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds from the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD). This year, DMD’s 2022 Annual Action Plan supported $17 million in community development funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

“Growing Places Indy is beyond thrilled to partner with IndyGo and the City of Indianapolis for the fifth year to help increase access to healthy foods,” said Victoria Beaty, Executive Director of Growing Places Indy. “After the pandemic’s devastating toll on our community, we’re grateful to take a leading role in the creation of opportunities that will make shopping for local fruits and vegetables more convenient and affordable. I hope this partnership nourishes many and also serves as a reminder to all that increased access to healthy food is more important now than ever.”

Designed to meet IndyGo riders where they are, “Food in Transit” is a collaboration between Growing Places Indy and IndyGo to help combat food insecurity in Indianapolis. This year, “Food in Transit” will offer “Pay What You Can,” allowing the option to pay as little as $1 down to even nothing at all, and still receive at least two items from the day’s selection of produce. This option allows the program to eliminate barriers and offer locally grown foods for everyone. 

“The need for ‘Food in Transit’ is apparent by the fact that it’s going into its fifth year,” IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans said. “IndyGo and its partners are lifting a heavy burden for riders by bringing affordable, healthy food to a central, easily accessible location at the Carson Transit Center. We’re grateful to our partners for helping us keep this program alive, but we’re even more grateful for the opportunity to continually provide our riders with more opportunities for success.” 

Food in Transit will run every Tuesday, starting June 7 through September, from 2 to 5 p.m., at the Transit Center, 201 E. Washington Street. Cash, SNAP, EBT, credit, and debit are all accepted forms of payment at the farmstand. Riders can utilize IndyGo’s online trip planner at to plan trips to the Transit Center.