Plant It Forward

The Plant it Forward program gives Indianapolis individuals and families the tools, training, and resources needed to start their own home or community garden. Participants will receive all the needed resources to start a vegetable garden, including small tools, seeds, locally grown transplants, and access to several hands-on workshops. Workshops include Gardening 101, Pest Control, Organic Growing Practices, Soil and Pest Management, Healthy Cooking, and more.

Plant it Forward aims to support the vitality and sustainability of the region’s agriculture, build long-term economic self-reliance and food security, and expand access to high-quality foods in underserved areas through locally grown foods.

In 2021, 68 families in total applied for the program, making up 70% of program participants. Due to high demand from individuals and families last year, Plant it Forward will only be available to individuals and families.

Applications are now closed. Participants will receive their plants and tools in April and May and have access to workshops throughout spring and summer. If selected, participants will receive more details on how to pick up their gardening kits.


The Plant it Forward Program, is only for gardens located in Indianapolis, IN. Gardeners are responsible for picking up their seeds and transplants at the Growing Places Indy farm, 727 N Oriental St Indianapolis, IN 47202 on the designated dates.

        • Spring Distribution
        • Summer Distribution
        • Native Pollinator Distribution
        • Cover Crop Distribution

Urban Homestead Workshop Series (Plant it Forward members ONLY):

Workshop 1: Where to Start?!

    • Getting Started
    • Container Gardening & Building a raised bed

Workshop 2: Weed & Pest Management

    • What is a Weed?
    • Managing Pests and Weeds
    • Companion planting & herbs
    • Build a Bat or Birdhouse

Workshop 3: Garden Upkeep

    • Garden Maintenance
    • Going Vertical With Trellising

Workshop 4: Catching & Reusing Rainwater

    • Rain Water Harvesting and Irrigation systems
    • How to make a water garden

Workshop 5: Composting

    • Everything you need to know about composting
    • How to make a Home Composter

Workshop 6: Easy-At-Home Hydroponics

    • Wicking Bucket
    • Hydroponic Kratky Method 

Workshop 7: Seasonal Extensions

    • Fall crops & extending your season
    • How to make a cold frame

Workshop 8: Keeping it Native

    • Native pollinator garden  installation 
    • Perennial Plant Cultivation

Workshop 9: Saving it for Later

    • Seed Saving
    • Storing Garden Produce
    • Canning and Fermenting

Workshop 10: Ending the Season

    • Crop Rotation & Cover Cropping
    • Putting Your Garden to Bed for the winter

Applications for the 2023 Season coming soon.

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