Meet the Women of Growing Places Indy!

Growing Places Indy is a female-owned organization, and 80% of our staff are women! These ladies are extremely passionate about what they do, and their passion helps the organization work toward its annual goals. Check out our 2021 impact report to see what we achieved and our goals for this year.

Meet the lovely ladies that help with management of the organization and the farm itself.

Victoria Beaty

Executive Director

Starting in our Grow Getters program 2018, Victoria loved our organization and become our Executive Director in December 2018. She oversees the organization and ensures that our mission and goals are aligned.

“I love that we impact kids, families, and communities with our work. Everyone should have access to locally grown foods and that is at the core of the work that we do,” Victoria said.

She encourages young women to find their voice and always advocate for themselves. It will not always be easy, but knowing what you deserve and fighting for it will always be worth it in the long run.

Victoria has always been inspired by the women in her family, starting with her grandmother: “She worked hard to give her kids and grandkids everything they needed.” Victoria works with her grandmother’s passion in mind, providing love and support to the community around her.

Christine Kelley

Director of Farm Operations

Christine has been managing the farm for the past three growing seasons. She directs all aspects of the farm, including planning, planting, growing, harvesting, and distribution. She also helps our sustainable agriculture education programs run smoothly.

“Gardening and homesteading has always been a hobby of mine. That hobby turned into a passion after learning the effects industrial agriculture has had on our environment,” Chris said.

She is passionate about ecological agriculture and finding a way to feed the growing population while increasing our resilience to climate change. She looks for ways to manage land sustainably, increase biodiversity, and improve water and soil health.

Chris has worked on four farms, all run by women. These women have inspired her to do what she does today. They have taught her to be tough, not afraid to get your hands dirty, and to go after what you want while building up the people around you.

Jackie Le

Communications & Program Manager

Jackie started working at Growing Places a little over a year ago as a Communications Coordinator. She started working full time in October as our Communications & Program Manager. She helps us build relationships with our community and develop our programs.

“This role piqued my interest because it combined my interest in nutrition with my passion for writing,” Jackie said. “I also share similar values as I believe everyone should have equal access to healthy foods and be educated on sustainable living.”

As a woman in the workplace, Jackie advises young women to actively seek out opportunities to be successful and show off your skills. If no opportunities arise, just ask and create your own opportunities.

Jackie continues to be inspired by her group of girl friends who always support each other. They are strong, determined, creative, and help each other grow. Jackie emphasizes the importance of having a group of women who will support you and push you to be your best.

Katie Anderson

Content Creator Intern

Katie is the newest member of our team. She started working as a content creator in January 2022. She works on brainstorming content for our social media and blog. She takes photos and videos of current events on the farm and at the weekly farmers market.

“I like working in marketing because I get to figure out how to connect the business with its customers,” said Katie. “It is especially fun with social media because I get to engage with our community on a daily basis.”

Katie loves that she feels like she is making an impact with the work that she does. “I love knowing that I am helping people learn how to live healthier lives and take care of nature around them.” She enjoys learning new things on the farm and sharing them with the community through social media.

Katie encourages young women in the workplace to be confident in their abilities. Although there are instances where a job applicant or new worker may feel under qualified, young women should remember that they have plenty of skills to help them succeed. Also, women should always be confident in their ability to learn, especially when they feel under qualified.

The matriarchs in her family have inspired Katie throughout her whole life. Her mother, aunts, and grandmas have inspired her to be powerful and refuse to be pushed around. 

“They have shown me that I can do anything that I set my mind to do,” Katie said. “They have always inspired me, every step of the way.”


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