INDIANAPOLIS, IN. (August 30, 2021) – The Indy Winter Farmers Market (IWFM), hosted by Growing Places Indy, a local nonprofit organization, will return for its 15th season on November 6, 2021, in a new home in the 16 Tech Innovation District.

The winter market which runs every Saturday morning (9 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.), November through April, will be housed at the AMP, an artisan marketplace and food hall in the 16 Tech Innovation District located in downtown Indianapolis. The 40,000 sq. ft. AMP boasts more than 20 restaurants and retailers in colorful shipping containers and food stalls, featuring fresh food and produce from local chefs and artisans. The AMP is dedicated to showcasing both emerging and established vendors. 65 percent of concepts are minority or women-owned and led, and 56 percent are new concepts.

“16 Tech is excited to host the 2021-2022 season of the Indy Winter Farmers Market,” said Craig Baker, concept developer and general manager of the AMP. “This partnership continues to serve our community by providing access to fresh produce and local food.”

The Indy Winter Farmers Market has also opened their applications to interested farmers, vendors, and small business owners. Applicants are encouraged to visit  to apply for the winter market. 

Since 2008, the IWFM has provided a venue for Indiana’s sustainably-minded family farms and food producers to sell products throughout the fall and winter, improving the community’s year-round access to fresh, local food. This year, the market looks forward to the return of longstanding vendors, as well as the introduction of new vendors including many AMP restaurateurs, alongside local farmers, food producers, and small businesses selling fresh, regional, and seasonal items.

The IWFM has also announced the return of the Triple-Match SNAP Program, which allows shoppers to turn $20 into $60 of fresh food and produce. Made possible by donors, community partners, and individuals, this program provides any individual who swipes their SNAP card for $20, to receive an additional $20 of market tokens and $20 of Fresh Bucks checks. The first $20 can be spent on any SNAP-eligible item, and the additional $20 of Fresh Bucks can be spent on produce.

“As we move into the 15th season of the Indy Winters Farmers Market, and our second season during this worldwide health crisis, it is critical that we continue to provide our communities with access to fresh and local food,” said Victoria Beaty, Executive Director of Growing Places Indy. “During the 2020-2021 IWFM season we saw a 100% increase in SNAP transactions- further reiterating that along with retail outlets, farmers markets serve as an essential role within our communities, said Beaty. As we evaluated our community impact, we determined that partnering with the AMP at 16 Tech and moving the market to the Riverside area, a historically black community, and food desert, would give us the greatest opportunity to serve the larger community.”

The IWFM is truly a space for everyone and has become a critical ingredient to our local economy, food systems and community. In support of the IWFM, 16 Tech will offer free parking to the public from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturdays from November – April.

Additionally, the IWFM will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, rules, and regulations and adhering to CDC guidelines and the recommendations of state and local health department officials.


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