Go ALL IN Day: A Volunteer Event with United Way

June 24th was United Way’s Go ALL IN Day, where hundreds of volunteers across central Indiana donate their time to local nonprofits. Growing Places Indy was fortunate enough to partner with United Way and participate in the day of community service. We hosted over 50 volunteers at two locations to accomplish an extraordinary amount of farm work in just a few hours.

Last Friday, we had a team of 40+ volunteers working at our White River State Park farm site. They worked to clean up garden beds, maintain our native garden, plant tomatoes and peppers, and plant beautiful native flowers. Our volunteers worked with determination and diligence to get the job done and expressed the utmost care and concern when encountering a rabbit’s nest with young bunnies.

We are incredibly grateful to our large group of volunteers. It was heartwarming to see so many people working toward the same goal. Although they only worked a few hours, the project would have taken our small team days to complete.

Meanwhile, another team of 15+ volunteers was hard at work on our main farm site. They worked on weeding our garden beds and covering the walking paths with wood chips. Covering the open paths will help keep new weeds from growing in those empty spaces. Thanks to their hard work, the weeds on our farm are almost entirely under control.

We are excited to have our space at White River State Park cleaned up and growing food and our main farm ready for a plentiful summer season.

Thanks again to United Way for the opportunity to be involved in Go ALL IN Day and to all of our volunteers for your hard work! We appreciate your help on our initiative to give back to the community and provide access to fresh, local foods.


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