Celebrate Indy’s Rich Food Culture At The Indy Night Market

Growing Places Indy is excited to launch our newest initiative, the Indy Night Market! This festival-style series event will feature local artists, creatives, food entrepreneurs, farmers, and chefs who contribute to the growth of a more equitable food system in Indianapolis.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority will provide a matching grant through its CreatINg Places program, a place-based crowdfunding grant program, but only if we meet our $15,000 fundraising goal by April 30.

The Indy Night Market provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, create a catalyst for community engagement, new job adventures, and economic growth. Through the Indy Night Market, we hope to encourage a stronger representation of different cultures and the global food scene in Indianapolis.

By creating a night market, Indy residents will get the unique opportunity to celebrate the diverse food scene in Indianapolis while contributing to the city’s food system and community well-being. With a food festival event series, community members will better understand the importance of accessing affordable fresh, local foods and explore the city’s history. 

The Indy Night Market strives to encourage Indiana visitors and residents to explore the historic areas of the city through a three-part, two-day series event. The events will take place in various locations around Indianapolis.

The first night of the Indy Night Market will kick-off on the weekend of Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States. In celebration, the Indy Night Market will highlight African American cuisine and culture through local Black artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, farmers, and restaurants. The second series will take place in August, and the third in November of next year.

Growing Places Indy is proud to be partnering with the Be Nimble Foundation, who are on a mission to enhance and create an equitable food system in the Indy community and foster local entrepreneurship. The Indy Night Market hopes to inspire Indianapolis residents to invest in the local food ecosystem and create a stronger and inclusive community. 

Contribute to the Indy Night Market by clicking here to donate. If you are a vendor and would like to apply, click here.


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