Meals on Tractor Wheels – Pet-Friendly Chicken Soup

Pretty much everyone knows that CHICKEN SOUP is good for the soul. Pamperers of the great furry ones will love this simple preparation and the HUGE love you’ll get from making a PET-FRIENDLY version. We selected a boneless, skinless chicken breast from Becker Farms, and couldn’t resist also picking up a couple of farm-fresh basted bones for fun, but also food dental health. A small bunch of carrots and a sweet potato adds healthy goodness and flavor and can be found at a number of our market’s produce vendors.

Before preparing the soup, wrap a sweet potato in foil and oven bake at 400 degrees for about 1-1/2 hrs. A half-hour in, place the chicken breast in a medium pot and add 4 cups of a low sodium chicken broth or stock and the carrots whole (minus the pretty green leaf stalks). Set on medium heat to simmer. Once the potato is cooked, but still slightly firm, remove from the oven, open the foil and allow to cool. About 45 minutes is all that’s needed to cook the chicken through and through. Remove chicken and carrots and set aside to cool. Add a boil-in-bag pouch of white rice to the hot stock. Once the breast, carrot and sweet potato have cooled to a comfortable to handle temperature, they can be diced. Remove the skin of the potato and also dice.

Remove the rice packet and empty it into the broth and add in the meat, vegetable, and carrots. There you have it! Serve it up, cooled down to safe eating temperature, or chilled. Dogs and cats alike love it either way, and it’ll provide a few day’s dinners for your best friends. For their dessert, stop by Pet Lovers Organic Bakery. You’ll find healthy snacks that please even the most spoiled cat or dog.

Don’t forget to treat yourself! Norma Jeans Pastries makes incredible macaroons – artistically beautiful and some with unique flourishes such as hand-painted designs or edible seed pearls. You’ll find delicious choices that include vegan and gluten-free. Today we selected Coffee Cake, Oreo, Vanilla Bean (gluten-free), Brownie, and Blue Raspberry (both vegan and gluten-free

MEALS ON TRACTOR WHEELS: Salmon-Berry Power Salad

After the Holiday season and a lot of heavy eating, how about getting back to our greens? A simple-to-make Salmon-Berry Power Salad may be precisely what your body is needing. Salmon boasts a wealth of nutrients that benefit health, especially your heart, as well as being high in Vitamin D, which helps with those winter blues – or should we say grays? Start with a base of SPINACH available from Farming Engineers Organic Produce or so many of our other produce vendors. Spinach is frequently referred to as one of the healthiest foods for human beings! Quickly pan grill your Wild Alaska SOCKEYE SALMON STEAK. We’ve used a splash of green onion oil, which is available at Sagara International Market – about 3 minutes per side.

Pour on the spinach base Brickhouse CHAMPAGNE RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE and top with the salmon. Top with SWEET PEA MICRO GREENS, a specialty from Ecologico, and a great source of three chemoprotective agents: folate, antioxidants, and carotene. A dollop of Rising Creek STRAWBERRY GOAT CHEESE adds a creamy sweetness. For texture, we’ve sprinkled pine nuts and diced vine-ripe tomato, then added a bit more vinaigrette, salt, and pepper — fast, flavorful, and best of all, super healthy. 

We’re Hiring!

We are looking for a dynamic individual to help lead our farm operations and help us take Growing Places Indy to the next level.

Director of Farm Operations

Full-Time (Salary)

The overall objective of the Director of Farm Operations is to grow the farm operations to become a self-sustaining initiative strategically and, over time, a sustainable alternative funding stream for Growing Places Indy’s educational programming and outreach efforts. Partnering with Executive Director to ensure there is alignment to the vision and mission of Growing Places Indy in all farming activities. The Director of Farm Operations reports to the Executive Director. 


  • Responsible for complete end to end operations of the farm to include PNL, cleanliness, food, and safety
  • Routinely build and lead relationships with key partners in the communities we serve while championing the organization’s mission and supporting revenue-driving projects
  • Oversee and manage all farming work (greenhouses, high tunnel and field crops) Oversee the maintenance of equipment and facilities, ensuring that the appropriate systems for scheduling maintenance and ordering parts and supplies are in place
  • Oversee and manage logistics for the organizations signature events including summer Farm Stand, and Plant Sale
  • Maintain overall responsibility for the farm’s performance, including safety, quality, cost, productivity, and revenue goals
  • Maintain production areas to ensure compliance with state standards, quality, sanitation, and Food Safety standards  
  • Onboard, train and manage full, part-time and volunteer farming staff to ensure staffing needs are met from season to season
  • Oversee production to ensure profitability to create and maintain employment opportunities for farmers 
  • Oversee the operations team to ensure that the farm stays on schedule, from seeding, transplanting to harvest to packaging to cleaning, and delivery
  • Identify and implement methods and practices to achieve operational improvements in efficiency, quality, delivery, and operating profits 
  • Collect and analyze data to proactively identify production issues or develop plans to resolve existing issues 
  • Provide a safe working environment by maintaining equipment while following Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) 
  • Ensure employees and volunteers have the right tools, knowledge, and equipment required to do their jobs effectively and safely 
  • In partnership with Executive Director, set and manage farm budget and manage all financial decisions for the farm 
  • Work with financial manager weekly on invoicing and farm financial tracking
  • Other duties assigned

Who You Are: 

  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in farming operations, crop production and food safety with demonstrated ability to run an intricate 24 hour 7 day a week operation 
  • Adept at building collaborative relationships and demonstrating diplomacy with diverse constituencies, including area farmers, restaurants, retailers, community pantries and academics
  • A team player with an entrepreneurial spirit and understands the importance of building and fostering relationships that deliver results  
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills 
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and superior management skills 
  • Strong mentoring, coaching experience to a team with diverse levels of expertise 
  • Ability to influence and engage direct and indirect reports and peers 
  • Multi-site operations management experience
  • Demonstrated ability to provide effective and timely leadership decisions
  • Ability to work with team members and a diverse volunteer base to implement annual program goals
  • Demonstrate drive and an ownership mentality
  • Growth-oriented and dynamic; self-disciplined
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times

The position is based in Downtown Indianapolis at Growing Places Indy at 727 N Oriental St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • Travel is required between our three satellite farm lots and additional travel for farming consulting visits. 


  • Compensation and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to