Farm Sites

Growing Places Indy currently farms at the Boner Fitness and Learning Center, Public Greens, the Slow Food Garden at Cottage Home and the Slow Food Garden at White River State Park.

Boner Fitness and Learning Center

RAISED BEDS: Our work at the Boner Fitness and Learning Center began in 2012, managing 2,500 square feet of raised beds. The produce from the raised garden beds makes its way into the Indianapolis woodshed through our Veggie Share/CSA Program and direct sales to local restaurants.

U-PICK: In 2014, we launched a 13,000 square foot U-Pick farm, making this our largest site. Anyone can come pick and purchase their own produce on Thursday evenings, 4-7pm, from early June to mid-September. Visitors can save money, experience the fun of picking their own fresh produce, learn how food is grown and ask a farmer all of their questions about preparing, storing or growing their own food. During this time, we also offer pre-harvested produce at the Farm Stand.

GREENHOUSE: In addition to the Raised Beds and U-Pick, we also manage a 1,000 square foot greenhouse. All plants for all of our sites are started from seed in this greenhouse and are transplanted throughout the season. We also grow microgreens, pea shoots and sunflower shoots in the greenhouse.

Public Greens Micro-Farm on the Monon Trail

Starting in 2014, we joined a unique partnership with Patachou Inc. to create and manage an urban micro-farm in support of Patachou’s newest restaurant, Public Greens Kitchen. The farm is located on the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple (between 64th and 65th Street), and all produce grown at the site is used in the Public Greens kitchen. All profits from Public Greens support The Patachou Foundation, whose mission is to feed nutritious afterschool meals to at risk and food insecure children in our community. As community members watch the garden grow from this busy section of the Monon Trail, we hope it stimulates conversation about how gardens and restaurants can work together to bring the freshest, healthiest food directly from seed to plate.

Slow Food Garden at Cottage Home

At the corner of Michigan and Oriental Streets in the Cottage Home neighborhood is our 2,200-square-foot micro-farm, nestled on a residential lot. The lot is in a high-traffic area for cars, buses, bikes and walkers, and we hope this site stimulates people to think about the role of urban agriculture in residential areas. The lot has been part of various urban farming operations since 2008, and Growing Places Indy has managed the site since 2012. Food grown at this site is distributed to local restaurants, as well as for our Veggie Share/CSA Program.

Slow Food Garden at White River State Park

Located between the JW Marriott Hotel on Washington Street and the Indiana State Museum, we have been growing food at the Slow Food Garden at White River State Park since 2010. This farm site is nearly 6,000 square feet and provides produce for our Veggie Share/CSA Program and local restaurant orders. The garden’s location means that nearly 3 million visitors each year could interact with this urban farming site, and our hope is that it stimulates visitors to ask questions about the role of urban agriculture in Indianapolis and in their home countries, cities and towns.

Sky Farm at the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital

In addition to the sites we operate, Growing Places Indy worked with Eskenazi Health for over three years, consulting on the planning and development of the Eskenazi Sky Farm at Eskenazi Hospital. Once the garden was installed on the roof of the new hospital, GPI hired and trained the first Sky Farmer and mentored her through her first two growing seasons. This one-of-a-kind, 5,000-square-foot rooftop garden at the center of Indianapolis’ newest hospital complex opened in 2014. The unique space is open to hospital patients, staff and members of the community and serves as a space to engage with food and learn how it grows, how to prepare fresh produce and why food is important to health. Food grown at the Sky Farm is available within the hospital food service and is also used in various cooking and nutrition classes on and off site. For more information on the Sky Farm, please contact Sky Farmer Rachel at