Growing Places Indy at White River State Park
 Grow Well · Eat Well · Live Well · Be Well TM 



Growing Places Indy is a non-profit organization with a mission to cultivate the culture of urban agriculture and healthy lifestyles, empowering individuals and communities to Grow well, Eat well, Live well and Be well. When we have access to food that is grown well; when we embrace a culture of eating well; when we are empowered within our community to live well; then we greatly enhance our capacity to be well.

Our vision is a full-circle vision for healthier communities, a sustainable future for urban and farm land ecology, a burgeoning local food economy and a vibrant and diverse food culture in Indianapolis - all supported by a strong local food and farm network. 

We are working to promote models for urban agriculture, to introduce individuals in the skills necessary to operate successful urban farms/gardens, to engage community in local food systems and to grow leaders in the local food community. In so doing, we hope to inspire new farmers and food entrepreneurship and to nurture the cultural, institutional and economic vision required to commit to a healthier future for our communities.